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The Perfect Performance is a processed based business rooted in the idea that creating a solid educational foundation, in the arts, cannot happen overnight.  Real learning happens when students are nurtured, tested and taught in phases from year to year. The process used in building a program or performance matters! The proven tools to success begin here.

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We offer Summer Workshops, Onsite Workshops,  Online Coaching, Virtual Classroom Webinar Series, One-Act Play Clinics, Teacher In-Services, and more for both Theatre Arts and Speech! 


Workshops and teaching tools designed specifically for training in Theatre Arts.  We have summer camps, virtual classroom webinar series, college audition online sessions, onsite acting workshops, teacher in-services, one-act  play clinics, and more. Click below to find out how to take your department or performance to the next level!


Workshops and tools designed specifically for Speech and Forensics. In here you will find everything you need from summer camps to script selections, online/onsite workshops, virtual classroom webinar series,  teacher in-services, and more.

Preparation breeds Confidence, Confidence breeds Success.
You cannot be successful without being confident, and you cannot be confident unless you are prepared.
The winning tools of preparation begin here….

The Process Matters

Throughout 15 years of traveling onsite to present workshops, we are excited about finally bringing the secrets of our success to your classroom, or home, through our new Virtual Classroom Series: The Process Matters.

When you have a sound and solid process you have created an artist that is able to make actable choices and think independently of their teacher. As a result, students bring their entire self to the rehearsal process, not just their memorized lines. The Process Matters because when the process is sound, the work becomes amazing, no matter what.

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