The Process Matters Virtual Classroom Webinar Series

The Perfect Performance offers the tools necessary to help both students and teachers, in Theatre Arts and Speech, learn how to approach text, unlock its hidden potential, and bring those words to life through performance in front of an audience. Throughout 15 years of traveling onsite to present workshops, we are excited about finally bringing the secrets of our success to your classroom, or home, through our new Virtual Classroom Webinar Series: The Process Matters. We will be launching this series late summer of 2018! Subscribe now in order to receive early bird specials. You will be sent an email when the webinar series is available.

3 things you need to know!

1. Professional Development Tool

This is a tool for Professional Development. That’s right! Cut down on travel expenses, hotels, etc with our new series: The Process Matters. This uniquely crafted series is designed for teachers and students to help develop their skills without the hassle of offsite seminars.

2. Curriculum

It’s all about Curriculum. Our series is designed to be a video-style curriculum so students and teachers can learn a step by step approach to teaching and how to maximize performance.

3. Technology

It’s Technology! This is a computer, online-based video series that teachers can use in classrooms to help bring your class into the digital age.

We’ve Inspired Thousands of Students!

We are honored to have been a part of building some of the most successful programs all across the nation for over 15 years! Please let us know how we can help you in your journey!

We are taking suggestions for topics that you would like us to cover on our webinar series. Please feel free to give us your suggestions

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